I am currently at Waymo (Google) developing embedded software and cloud-based distributed systems for next-generation automotive radar systems.

Core Professional Competencies

  • Researching and designing intelligent automation systems for cars, for wireless systems, and for data centers
  • Chief Research Scientist, Software Architect, and Principal Investigator
  • Software Engineering Section Manager, Team Leader, and Mentor
  • Proposal, Project, and Product Development Manager
  • Embedded, Traditional, and Large-Scale Data-Driven Cognitive Software Architect and Engineer

Significant Accomplishments

  • Chief software architect and hands-on developer of distributed sensing middleware and cognitive dynamic spectrum access software products
  • Chief software architect of a cloud-based semantic data analytics product family for delivering enterprise business knowledge
  • Software architect of a distributed, multi-data-center automated management system
  • Software architect of a distributed automotive control system
  • Principal investigator, project lead, and/or technical lead for transferring and integrating machine-actionable policy language and policy-based cognitive control middleware in support of military and commercial wireless and wired networking efforts, including DARPA Policy-based Automated WAN Configuration and Management project (PbWAN), U.S. Army Policy-based Automated Network Management Architecture (PANeMA), DISA DSO JSC Policy-based Tactical Spectrum Planning and Management system (PANDA), DARPA Wireless Network after Next (WNaN) Adaptive Network Development (WAND) project, WNaN Wireless Adaptable Network Node (WANN) project, NeXt Generation Communications (XG) program, DARPA XG follow-on EPLRS-XF and MAINGATE dynamic spectrum access (DSA) extension efforts, multiple JTRS efforts for porting DSA to SRW and WNW waveforms, DARPA DSA security enhancement efforts, DARPA Communication in Extreme RF Spectrum Conditions (CommEx) prototype effort, DARPA Fixed Wireless effort, Cognitive Network Management System project (CNMS), U.S. Army DDR&E DSA Enhancements, Reasoner and Ontology Development for RADICAL ATO (RAPPID), ONR Open Architecture Standard Architecture for Joint Counter Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device Electronic Warfare (JCREW) Shared Spectrum Applications, FAA DSA for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) effort, and National Institute of Justice's Cognitive Radio Management project (CRAM)
  • Author or co-author of awarded research and development proposals targeting Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) and Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) based solicitations from the U.S. Government / Military organizations
  • Author or co-author of 3 refereed book chapters, 9 journal articles, 17 conference articles, and 8 workshop articles
  • Co-author of 4 granted patents
  • Track chair of 1 conference, organizing committee member for 2 conferences, co-chair for 1 workshop, and technical program committee member for over 45 conferences and workshops
  • Participant in US, EU, and international standardization efforts focusing on next generation radio and spectrum management
  • Dissertation committee member to 6 Ph.D. and M.S. students

Domain Expertise

  • Artificial / Computational Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Cognitive and Software Defined Radios, Distributed Systems, Dynamic Spectrum Access, Embedded Systems, Knowledge and Database Systems, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Large-Scale Data Analysis, Networking, Pervasive / Mobile Computing, Policy Language, Policy Management, Security, Semantic Web, System Modeling and Simulation, Virtualization, White Spaces and Spectrum Management